Guardian Article

‘It’s grief upon grief’: the harsh reality of funerals in lockdown

Absence of normal rituals to say goodbye to loved ones can have profound impact

Yahoo Article

Coronavirus: Pandemic funeral policies are creating a time-bomb of deferred grief

Anyone who loses a loved one during this pandemic faces the additional anguish of not being able to say goodbye in the way you wish.

Public Health England has published new guidelines to ensure funerals are conducted safely. These include restricting the number of mourners who attend to allow people to social distance. Only members of the deceased’s household can be present and anyone displaying symptoms can not be there.

Cincinnati Business Courier Article

The impact of mental illness on your business — and vice versa

About 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. That’s more than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined.

If you are a business owner and/or CEO, you may be wondering if your employees’ mental health is impacting your company.