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Are you struggling to cope with the changes in your life?


Anytime something significant is taken away from us, we grieve. And that grieving process can trigger a host of unfamiliar and confusing emotions or behaviours. 


 Imagine waking up after a great night sleep and looking forward to the day ahead feeling confident, calm and content. 

 The Whats, The Hows and The Whys

Meet Jenia

BACP Accredited CBT trained Counsellor/Psychotherapist 

I genuinely believe that making the choice to engage in therapy is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Even though we may be successful in many aspects of life, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at the same time.

I believe in a therapeutic environment where you are given the opportunity to set your own goals. With my skills, knowledge and experience I can help you find your answers, support you in discovering what makes you happy and how to get there.

We will work together to create a real and lasting change in your life. I do not believe therapy has to be a long-term commitment and my clients often see significant results in a short amount of time. Together, we will figure out what you need and how we can make it happen. So often we hear about mental ill health and how counselling can be of benefit. But have you considered accessing counselling before things get to that stage? Rather than waiting until you are in real trouble how about addressing the issues now.

It is OK if you do not have any clear goals or do not know exactly what is wrong. It is my job to help you see what it what, what is missing, what needs keeping and what should be let go.

If something is bothering you or stopping you from moving forward then it is worth talking about.

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Autumn Leaves

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can Change"

Carl R. Rogers

"Thank you for helping me to bring out my brighter colours"

- B.N.

“Talking to you has been like: The doorbell rings, you open the door and for the first time in over a year you see blue sky”

- R.G.

“Thank you for making me feel normal.”

- G.H

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