Frequently asked questions

1. Do you do custom order?

yes, you can read more about custom order here

2. Do you print your own?

Currently I use Printful - an US based fulfillment company to help me print and ship my artwork because I'm living in Vietnam right now. Using Printful helps to keep the shipping cost low. In my country, shipping a document to the US cost around $40-80 ^^! Next year when I move to Canada, I will be doing my own printing.

3. What do you use to paint your art?

It is digital watercolor. I use Procreate and a combination of watercolor brushes from [aff link] Lettie Blue 75 Watercolor Brushes & Abbie Uproot Watercolor brush pack

4. How long does it take to paint a plant portrait?

It varies from 3-8hrs. Sometimes more, never less. I love details and texture, I want it to look real, elegance yet having a painter effect. Though it takes time, I'm really proud of my plant arts, I love every single ones ^^^

5. When did you start painting plant portrait?

It all started at mid March 2020, when I decided to start my own 100 days project. I felt like I have lost the connection with nature, my surrounding, I don't really know how to appreciate tree, plant, flowers. They are nice and pleasing to look at, that is all. Therefore I want to know more, learn more about our green friend, so I started drawing a plant a day. Lately I have stopped painting (around ~Aug 2020) due to my son' health issue. He might have ASD, therefore I spend most of my time with him. Hopefully I can get back to painting soon

6. Shipping during Covid-19

It is back to normal for Poster printing service. I will send the file asap to printing service and it takes 2-6 working days for printing. Then 3-4 working day for US domestic shipping.

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